Gallery Client Testimonials

Stunning Art & Great Service

I stumbled upon the beautiful showroom gallery of photographer Geoff Simpson while wandering in Ronda, Spain. The artwork on the wall were interesting, original and powerful. They offered every size imaginable and enthusiastically cropped a photo to focus on the size and subject I was most interested in. The after-sales service was spot-on, the finished mounted version, which arrived at my address in Canada just seven business days later, in perfect order and exactly as requested. The mounted reproductions are very high quality, with visual depth in the plastic/metal backing known as Dibond. The subjects I chose were exotic plants and animals, but Scott has many photos in other interesting areas, including landscapes and culture.

Vivienne Cooper / Vancouver, Canada

Scott Simpson Fine Art Gallery! It was love at first sight!

If you ever want to visit a very nice art gallery, specialised in photography then we can recommend this place. Very close to "the place to be" and the nice hotels in Ronda. Geoff is more than a superb photographer, longtime in this business. Very engaging and very flexible. He gave us a nice explanation of the artwork in the gallery that caught our attention. We started to discuss how and which piece would be perfect to hang on the wall in our house in Belgium. We visited Ronda only for two days this time, so we agreed to communicate from our home after we came back from our tour trip in Andalucía. Once home and after some advice we placed the order for a very nice and special portrait. The administration, the transfer as well as the delivery worked out very well. So my wife and I are very pleased with stunning piece of art and as we look forward to going back to Ronda, end of this year or May next, we will visit again and will purchase another special piece of art. We still have some space on our wall.

Thanks Geoff for the nice cooperation and the patience and we will meet again in your beautiful art gallery.

Sarah & Jean Van Erum / Liege, Belgium

A Taste of the True Spain

Close to the famous El Tajo bridge in Ronda is an absolute gem of a gallery. Geoff really captures the spirit and beauty of Andalucia with his stunning photographic images. Geoff himself is a delight, always ready to share his knowledge and love of Spain. This gallery is an oasis of calm filled with pictures of the true heart of this stunning area.

Helen Brett / Cornwall, UK 

Cork Harvest

Recently I was in Spain on a horseback riding holiday with some girlfriends. We had a couple of days to explore Ronda and happened to be staying almost right across the street from Geoff's studio. At first I didn't go in but my friend (who had already visited the studio) encouraged me to go check in out. I walked in and right in front of me was this amazing photo of " The Cork Harvest Mule". We had ridden on a cork mule trail in Gaucín and this photo just spoke to my heart. However, I really felt it wasn't financially in the cards for me to buy it. I asked Geoff how late he was open so I could think about it. He told me he was there until 9 pm. My girlfriends and I went out for dinner and they told me they were saving me from spending my money by keeping us in the restaurant until past 9 pm. As we walked home we noticed Scott was still there so I had to go see my mule again. Geoff was so kind to me, explaining all the details of printing and shipping and being I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase... it was just meant to be as it fell into place. I was totally pumped about this purchase and kept talking about how excited I was throughout the rest of our trip. It is now at the framers and when I get it home it will be in my family room where I can see it every day. It was a great experience visiting Scott in his gallery and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in art, to make the effort to visit.

Helen Rawstron / Langley, Canada 

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