Iberian Lynx Photo Adventures

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A wonderful opportunity to photograph the world's rarest feline,

the Iberian lynx from purpose-built hides.

Iberian Lynx Photo Adventures 2022

PHOTO ADVENTURE ONE - Arrival Monday, 24 October 2022- Depart Saturday morning, 29 October 2022


Tour Code IBL/013  3-night tour - 1.375€ *

 Tour Code IBL/015  5-night tour - 1.875€ **


PHOTO ADVENTURE TWO - Arrival Monday, 31 October 2022- Depart Saturday morning, 5 November 2022 


Tour Code IBL/023 3-night tour - 1.375€ * 

Tour Code IBL/025 5-night tour - 1.875€ **

Deposit 475€ / Balance - 60-days from the commencement date. *

 Deposit 675€ / Balance - 60-days from the commencement date. **

The Genuine Opportunity to photograph the Iberian lynx

Both photo tours are designed for wildlife photographers to point their lenses at the world's rarest and most endangered feline, the Iberian lynx, in the stunningly beautiful forests of southern Spain. You can choose a three or a five-night stay.

What's Included 

The price includes breakfast, lunch, and a traditional Spanish three-course evening meal with wine. All photography complies with the local laws regarding the reproduction of this highly endangered species and considers Covid-19 rules and regulations in force at the time as outlined by the Spanish government and overall just being sensible and considerate of other participants.

What's Excluded

Flights to Spain, medical insurance, and alcoholic drinks apart from those served with our evening meal.

Iberian Lynx Conservation

The critically endangered, the Iberian lynx, is an iconic species whose population is estimated at around 800 adults (2021). The Iberian lynx is under enormous threat from extinction for various reasons, including forest fires, depleted rabbit populations, global warming, and interference by man.

Maximum Number of Places

All Iberian Lynx Photo Tours are strictly limited to five (5) participants, plus Geoff, your Iberian lynx expert guide. An outstanding photo opportunity designed for wildlife photographers of all abilities who want to secure a series of sublime images of this fabulous feline and other wildlife that periodically occurs.

How to Confirm a Booking & Itinerary PDF 

Request by email and complete the attached booking form. If you have additional questions or would like further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will then confirm your reservation and email a detailed itinerary.

Payment by International Bank TransferBank transfer details are contained within the context of the booking form.

Gear Recommendations

Digital Camera full-frame or cropped factor sensor DSLR or Mirrorless with a 200-500mm lens range is ideal.   

Micro 4/3 mirrorless cameras with a 150-300mm lens is a perfect focal length.

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