One on One Workshops & Tuition

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One-on-One Workshops / Tuition


Topics typically covered include the many ingredients required for making excellent landscape and nature photographs. This includes developing your vision and creativity, field technique, composition, post-processing, editing, fine art printing, and refining your work direction.


Portfolio Review

An optional key feature will be a portfolio review to assess your work and discuss areas for improvement and development before the workshop. 

A Workshop Tailored to Your Exact Needs

One-2-One workshops will be tailored to your instructional needs. Before attending, I will require that you email a sample of your work to evaluate your strong and weak points. I will also ask that you include in your email an explanation of what you hope to accomplish and what areas you’d like to focus on during your private workshop.


                                                                      Option 1 - Value 225€ / 1/2 day

                                                                      Option 2 - Value 400€ / full-day

All one-to-one workshop days are conducted near Ronda, Andalucía, Spain, unless otherwise arranged.

To Confirm a Booking

We accept direct payment/s via WISE and International Bank Transfer.

Book online is through the STRIPE payment processing platform.

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