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Welcome to our photo tours and workshops, our premier quality photography adventure tours are to the best locations for photographing the unique landscape, wildlife, nature and of course the world's rarest and most critically endangered feline, the Iberian lynx.

Our Iberian Lynx Photo Adventures include working from one of seven dedicated hides were this the rarest of all feline species (the Iberian lynx) occurs at its greatest density, thus virtually guaranteeing a 100% success rate to obtain that exclusive images of the cat on the brink of extinction.

Our business offers inspirational tours for all photography levels, from beginners to advanced level and experienced professional photographers. As an outstanding naturalist with exceptional knowledge of Iberian biodiversity; a photographic tutor with an easygoing manner, I will always offer my experience and assist you when required.

''I am confident that my ability to inspire clients is second-to-none.''


My attention to detail is, of course, the driving factor behind everything I do, the ethos that every photo tour/workshop should be an amazing experience for every client. Small groups of discerning photographers work best, hence why each tour is limited to just three participants, this means that you the client will get from the tour exactly what you require and one of the reasons that we have an 85% rebooking rate; a statistic to be very proud of.

Tuition Credentials

•   Landscape & Nature Photography tutor - Calumet (UK)

•   Photography tutor - Losehill Hall Field Study Centre, Castleton - Peak District National Park Authority 

•   External tutor - BSc (Hons) Wildlife Photography degree course - Blackpool & The Fylde College


The first professional photographer in Europe to advertise One-to-One photography tuition

'Outdoor Photography March 2001' 


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